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Elle: A water desalinator, a comfy blanket, a solar powered ereader filled to capacity, and my pet dragon.

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So sometimes we hear about authors receiving negative reviews. How do you respond when that happens? I believe if you try to do that, you risk taking that special something from your writing that otherwise would have attracted your target audience in the name of attracting others who are not.

When you get too caught up trying to please everyone, you risk destroying the core of what makes your writing uniquely yours. So with that in mind, are there any authors who have been an inspiration to you, either as a child or as an adult? Elle: So many inspired me and still do! The very first one was definitely Dr. Then there was L.

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Frank Baum, C. Rowling, and many in between. Maas, and others. These talented authors inspire me not only to write, but to write well. My hope is that the more I read of these works and others of their ilk, maybe their genius will rub off on me. Elle: It was starting a project without having an outline. Is there anything else you have planned? Say you meet a stranger and strike up a conversation, and you have the opportunity to impart one piece of advice.

What would you say?

Elle: I would tell them to be kind, to have empathy, and to make every moment count for something good. Thank you for this chat, Elle Jacklee. Join for free.

Do you have a blog idea or topic you know our readers would love? Elle: I have never eaten a peanut butter and banana sandwich. But when Miranda finds a curious trinket, they're mysteriously whisked away to Wunderwood, where magic flows through the trees and everyone already knows their family name.

A place even Miranda never imagined.

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Just as they arrive, a sinister warlock, Thornton Crow, is freed from a long banishment. He resumes his deadly agenda to find The Tree of Mindala, the source of all the realm's magic.

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As Miranda and Marcus discover branches of their own family tree that they hadn't even known existed, they learn that Thornton has a score to settle with anyone in their bloodline. Especially them. Though justice has always had a way of being naturally restored in Wunderwood, Thornton's latest evil deed just may be the tipping point. When Miranda discovers her own role in Thornton's release, she knows it's up to her to stop him from stealing not just magic, but also hope. With travel companions that could as easily be foes as friends, and only the cryptic words of a prophecy to guide her, Miranda must decide if she can carry out the task that will either save Wunderwood.

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