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Kumihimo Wire Jewelry - Essential technqiues and 20 jewelry projects for the Japanese art of braiding. As the title indicates, this is a practical book helping you to get fingerweaving. A series of traditional geometric patterns are presented, complete with detailed instructions. Sprang Unsprung - An illustrated guide to interlinking, interlacing and intertwining. This book is a follow on to the basic instruction manual, Sprang Unsprung.

It offers initiation into the world of sprang lace. Patterns in this book draw on motifs from museums in North America and Europe to invite you to explore the wealth of the richly varied global historic record.

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Getting Started with Tablet Weaving - Basic two-colour patterns. This is a booklet for new tablet weavers. In step-by-step photos, it shows how tablet weaving works, how to set up and get weaving right away, and how to create an amazing array of patterns from a simple two-colour threading.

Points & Aglets: 5 Strand Finger Loop Braid for Lacing -- Historical Techniques

Whether you are new to tablet weaving or need a quick refresher, this is the book to help. Kumihimo - Japanese silk braiding techniques.

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The author's skill and insight to Kumihimo derived from her studies at the Domyo School in Japan. Twelve specific braid structures are presented in detail. One of the most familiar round Kumihimo braids is Edo Yatsu Gumi. This books explores the 24 patterns that can be achieved by combining just two colours within the structure. This book illustrates many patterns in a logical sequence with clear instructions.

It goes on to show how you can design your own takadai braids and even provides bobbin paper for this purpose.

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Handwoven Decorative Trim - An introduction to weaving passementerie trims. This monograph takes as its basis a warp-faced plain weave narrow band and demonstrates the construction of a wonderful variety of 30 decorative trims. Loop-Manipulation Braiding - Basic instructions. It presents a practical approach to give reader the confidence and understanding to continue their explorations of braids using Noemi Speiser's specialist books. Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns - Interpreting weave structures in ply-split braiding.

Crossing the boundaries of constructed textiles, this book covers plain weave through to complex twills, crepe, overshot and satin designs with the differences between woven and ply-split structures discussed. Work instructions incl. Before payment is made, the postage and packing are calculated and an invoice is sent to the purchaser.

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Tablet Weaving. Loop Manipulation Braiding. Free End Braiding. Cords and Tassels. Lucet Braiding. Hair Braiding. Pixie braids are actually an excellent way to give your hair a break, retain length and moisture and are considered a great and stylish protective style option. Shampoo prices are base prices and may vary due to length and condition of the hair. For more than 5, years, weaves have been bringing gorgeous, thick locks to women everywhere.

Done well, a sew-in weave adds a lustrous, ultra-feminine glamour. Getting a weave right from the start is important to creating that relaxed-but-still-put-together look we crave. These methods allow your hair to get the proper hair care you need while having the hair of your dreams. Fast and easy method that requires no glue and no braids. Each link is attached to the weft and to your hair which allows your hair to breathe and secures the hold. This method allows you to maintain your hair treatment regiment for healthy hair extension solutions.

The express weave is a fast way to get in and out of the salon with the time cut by 20 to 45 min. In order to receive the fast service and low price you hair must already be washed and dried. This weave service comes with a basic trim and basic style, more intricate cut and styling will be an addtional charge. Faux locs are basically commitment-free dreads.

If you don't like glue and want to have the freedom of not doing your own hair, a full sewn in is for you. All or a small portion is in or out for a natural look.

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It allows you to explore many hair textures, colors and lengths. Treat abused, dull or out-of-condition scalps and tresses to nutrient-rich herbal blends to bring the top of your head back to its natural best. We'll take two different doughs and give each a whirl. First up, Walter Sands' White Bread.

  • Step 1: Start With 4 and Double Down.
  • 頭のいい子が育つパパの習慣 (PHP文庫) (Japanese Edition).
  • Maximes et Pensées, suivies de dialogues philosophiques (French Edition).
  • Divide the dough in half and set one piece aside, well-covered. Divide the remaining piece into three fairly equal portions, and roll each piece out to approximately 20". For step-by-step photos on how to get a nice even rope for braiding, see our six-strand braid blog. Once you have your three strands, join them together at one end and then make a classic 3-strand braid. Right over center, center becomes new right. Left over center, center becomes new left.

    Repeat and repeat until you've braided the entire length. It's just the same motions as braiding wire, rope, or hair.

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    Divide your veeeery long braid into short pieces with a bench knife or sharp chef's knife. I like pieces about 4" long for a nice dinner roll. Boom, baby! That's a half dozen rolls right there. Repeat with the second half of your dough for an even dozen. To finish, simply pinch the ends of each mini braid to seal. Roll the pinched dough between your fingers a little and tuck that "tail" under the braid.

    Now, let's take this braid one step further. Don't get freaked out by the picture, even though it does resemble a Kraken from the deep. It's just our Pumpkin Yeast Bread dough, divided up. To make a more intricate braid, divide your dough into three logs. Now, from those three logs, you'll make nine skinny ropes.