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He stops and they flee. He plays on his glockenspiel.

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Immediately Monostatos and the slaves dance and sing. Sarastro - in a triumphal carriage drawn by six lions - makes his entrance with his retinue. You, servants consecrated in the temple of wisdom of the great gods Osiris and Isis, with a clear conscience I declare to you that our gathering today is one of the most important of our time. Tamino, the son of a king, has journeyed to the north gate of our temple.

He wishes to tear off his veil of night and look into the sanctuary of great light.

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To offer him the hand of friendship should be our duty today! I thank you for your assent. The virtuous Pamina has been destined by the gods for Tamino; it was for this reason that I seized her from her mother. Great Sarastro, will Tamino also withstand the harsh trials? Remember: he is a prince. Tamino and Papageno are led in by three priests. The priests untie their sacks and withdraw.

Fighting isn't my thing. I don't basically want any wisdom either. I'm a kind of child of nature, taking pleasure in sleep, food and drink; and if it were even possible some time for me to capture a pretty little wife But what if Sarastro had set aside for you a girl who was just like you in colouring and dress?

There is a way to see her without having to die, Papageno: if you are sufficiently steadfast not to speak a word with her. The gods impose a salutary silence on you, too, Prince: without it you are both lost! You will see Pamina - but never be allowed to speak to her! This is the beginning of your trials. Hey, lights there! Lights there! That's really strange - whenever these gentlemen leave you, you stop seeing anything, even with your eyes wide open!

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He falls to the ground. Enter the Speaker and Second Priest with torches.

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Your steadfastness has triumphed. But you will have many a hard and dangerous path to tread! But if the gods have ordained a Papagena for me, why do I have to go through so many dangers to win her? Pamina is asleep in an arbour. The moon shines on her face.

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Monostatos creeps in. He creeps slowly and quietly towards Pamina. To thunder, the Queen of the Night comes out of the trapdoor. Tamino has withdrawn for ever from the world and people. He has gone over to Sarastro! What do I hear? Sarastro has triumphed again.


Do you see this blade? It has been sharpened for Sarastro, and you will kill him! You have only one way then of saving yourself and your mother I know everything. May the heavens grant Tamino courage and steadfastness; then you will be happy with him, and your mother will return to her castle. Here you are both left alone to yourselves.

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Papageno, whoever breaks silence in this place is punished by the gods with thunder and lightning. This is a jolly life! If I were in my straw hut or in the woods, I could at least hear a bird chirping occasionally! Surely I can talk to myself, and the two of us can talk to each other, too - we are men after all. There's not even a drop of water to be had from these people, let alone anything else. Nothing more or less than water. Come on, old lady, sit here with me. I'm as bored as hell. How old are you then? By further pursuing the themes of his last film, Poroerotus, Andreas Horvath has composed a liturgy on the mysterious relationship between man, animal and nature..

As a result The Silence of Green is a political and metaphysical reflection in which marvellous and fragile images turn the many layers of reality into an edifying and moving drama.. Der Herr reinigt und formt mit der geheimnisvollen Kraft des Kreuzes diejenigen, die er in seine Nachfolge beruft; doch im Kreuz — so sagte es der neue Heilige immer wieder — finden wir Licht, Frieden und Freude:. Those who want to serve the cause of the Gospel faithfully will certainly encounter misunderstandings and difficulties.. The Lord purifies and shapes all those he calls to follow him with the mysterious power of the Cross; but " in the Cross ", the new saint repeated, " we find light, peace and joy:.

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Damit war das Reich von Licht und Schatten getrennt. Tamino ist entschlossen, Pamina aus Sarastros Gewalt zu erretten. Papageno wird ihm als Begleiter bestimmt. Drei Knaben sollen sie als gute Geister auf ihrem Weg geleiten. Unterdessen versucht Pamina, Sarastros Herrschaftsbereich zu entfliehen, weil der Sklavenaufseher Monostatos ihr Gewalt antun will. Sie fliehen gemeinsam.

Paminas und Papagenos Flucht wird durch Sarastros Ankunft vereitelt. Sie und Tamino begegnen sich.