Manual Minimal Art als Erfahrung: Donald Judd (German Edition)

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Mathematics and Art : A Cultural History. Possession and personhood in colonial Goa Ines G Zupanov. Visual difficulty as a cultural system Bret Rothstein. Causa res pragma Sache Remo Bodei. Romanticism Realism Photography Europe and America to Modernism in Europe and America to Modernism and Postmodernism in Europe and America to Contemporary Art Worldwide. He was trying to figure out what to buy. The distinction between these two foundations is almost arbitrary.

Irwin finished the drink. He carried on up the East Coast, all along Canada, and back home to L. The edge.

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Its terrain was later reduced to the current, more manageable Rhode Island-times-three size. Tourist numbers are higher than ever.

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Marfa became a railroad water stop in Some of the first documentation of the area comes from accounts of mobile, luminous pinpoints on the horizon—the Marfa Mystery Lights. Popular with ghost- and U.

Dallas, the lights have never been satisfactorily explained. Marfa became a cattle town in the late 19th century when half a dozen ranchers, among them Luke Brite, the great-great-grandfather of the New York artist Leo Villareal who works mostly in L. We first went to Marfa together in Judd was dead. The town was dead.

Donald Judd Specif Objects

Chinati was in mourning. Tumbleweeds the size of shopping carts blew down the wide streets—with no one even there to photograph them. Nearly every storefront on Highland Avenue leading up to the courthouse was empty, save the ones installed with artwork by Judd. There was no town. Everyone was up there, sort of captive. When Judd installed a kilometer-long series of large concrete boxes at the edge of the property, ranchers said jokingly that they were square drainage culverts. In the mids, Judd parted acrimoniously with the Dia Art Foundation, which had begun pulling back from its funding obligations.

Donald Judd

The Judd Foundation took on the private side of Judd, and Chinati became the more pronouncedly public face. For a time Chinati paid no curatorial salaries. The staff worked anyway. And in a most daring act of reconciliation, Stockebrand visited Dan Flavin in the final months of his life and encouraged him to sign off on drawings he had done years before for a massive installation that now fills six barracks with colored fluorescent-light sculptures, a project that was abandoned when he and Judd, who had named his son Flavin, had a falling-out in the early 90s.

But Chinati also supported up-and-coming work. She sold the lot in two weeks, transforming his career.

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We had to make sure that each person who came was enchanted by it. In Presidio County, when you greet anyone you pass on the road, the social code is to lift two fingers ever so slightly from the steering wheel. A nod is considered excessive. Judd, Donald: Books

And then there is the land. Now, finally, there is food. Others, in their 20s, are finishing up first albums, first novels, first films, or first installations while working three jobs and wearing fashion-blog-worthy vintage ensembles. An older, bald, grizzled man with a patch over his left eye sat in the window.