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V We gathered round to hear the sound coming on the little screen The grief had passed, the old men laughed, and all the girls screamed Cause four guys from England took us all by the hand It was time to laugh, time to sing, time to join the band But all too soon, we hit the moon and covered up the sky They built the bombs and aimed their guns and still i don't know why The dominoes tumbled and big business roared Every night at six they showed the pictures and counted up the score Chorus: I know it's true oh so true cause I saw it on T. V The old man rocks among his dreams, a prisoner of the porch The light he said at the end of the tunnel Was nothing but a burglar's torch And them that was caught in the cover are all rich and free But they chained my mind to an endless tune When they took my only son from me Chorus: I know it's true oh so true cause I saw it on T.

V I know it's true oh so true cause I saw it on T. A song from Fogerty about the Baby Boomer childhood era roughly the mids through the Watergate scandal in , as seen through the lens of television, which would become a focal point of American life during that time period.

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