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Be warned: NSFW gifs within.

Synopsis Cassie and The Wild Cat are back and on the bug hunting attack. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 15, Anamarija Wagner rated it it was ok.

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Lacks depth and sense It was a quick childs read. But it didnt really make sense, and it gave the children a feeling they can be bullies and then change their minds if there is something in it for them. The bug gets a reprieve because he can feed them roast and such. Jul 06, Haley B rated it it was amazing. Yet another fun book by Pat Hatt! This is a cute kid's book for any cat-loving child.

The story follows Cassie the Cat as she must deal with The Wild Cat and a big that has invaded their home. The story is fun and quirky, and the rhymes make it fun to read aloud. The illustrations are very pretty, and the textures of the fabrics in particular are stellar; some of them really look like realistic fabrics. The blended colors on the cats and bugs are soft and easy to look at, and help to give a Yet another fun book by Pat Hatt! The blended colors on the cats and bugs are soft and easy to look at, and help to give a peaceful yet whimsical tone to the story.

This is a blast to read and sure to keep your kid entertained. Jan 28, Janet rated it really liked it. I think it is really good.

Cassie and The Wild Cat: Bug in the Rug

So many rhymes! I love the wild cat he is the silly one! Joselyn L Stahl rated it liked it Jun 25, Louise rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Jessie Moss rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Amber Stells rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Maria Holden rated it it was amazing Sep 28, George Tyler rated it it was amazing Jul 05, Assorted Tastes rated it it was amazing May 03, Galley29 rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Margaret Rottsolk rated it did not like it Jul 27, Wahl rated it liked it Nov 13, Brenda rated it liked it Feb 11, Devour Books rated it it was amazing May 01, Oreo is the only cat that never seems to bring anything home.

She is content to eat the bugs that she finds in the house and just go out and roll in dirt. But the worst is the live animals, because you have to catch them usually! Some days it truly is comic relief around here! I can laugh about it now, but I was not a happy camper yesterday morning!! Who knew there was so much to it? I have to say I'm very happy to not have a pet bringing me gifts. Hopefully the boys will also leave leave animals outside!! I can't believe you had a chipmunk in your house I can't believe I did either! But I am constantly learning new stuff about why the cats do what they do!

You know I love cat info!

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Jeffrey is an indoor cat so I don't get surprises like that. Kind of happy about that.

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He plays with his baby, grooms him, and on occasion puts him in his water bowl. As for me, Jeffrey prefers to be in whatever room I'm in and if he can't come in he waits outside the door. Because of my insomnia I often sleep on the couch, on those nights Jeffrey sleeps on the couch with me. Most often laying right on top of me. Not sure why it's only the couch though since he knows he's allowed on our bed.

My sisters cat loves to groom her and her dog but would never sit on her lap like Jeffrey does me. My cats won't sit in my lap either. None of them are too cuddly, although when Oreo was sick a while back, I really catered to her, and now she is my little buddy, sleeping with me at night. She waits for me to go up every night and comes with me.

Oh my goodness - how I love cats!

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We only have one right now, but at one point, we had 7 or more after my mom died and I inherited her brood. I cannot imagine living without at least one cat around.

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I'm very familiar with having live animals brought to me I remember one of my cats trotting toward me with a live bluejay in his mouth and he was meowing with the bird in his mouth as if to say, "Look, Ma!! Look what I brought you because I love you sooo muuuuuch!! Luna is our bird catcher. I wish she wouldn't, but we have had all sorts of birds in the house. Usually they are decapitated, but occasionally she lets them go.

Let me tell you, it is not fun catching a bird in the house. We've had to do that twice. It was interesting, all the things I learned about their "gifting" today. Cats really are fascinating creatures! Decapitated heads, live animal sacrifice, and getting licked afterwards sound like 3 very good reasons I'm glad we don't have cats! Plus, my husband is massively allergic! I know it sounds awful, but they really are wonderful! But now I know, the more love, the more dead animals.

While I've found dead rodents and birds out in the yard, thankfully those haven't been brought into the house.

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I've found wounded grasshoppers in the house. I wish the cats groomed me, I'll bet that would feel like a mini-massage! But we do get the kneading - and lots of head-butting from Rupert!

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And I wonder if another sign of "affection" is constantly walking right in front of where you want to take a step Or walking across the computer when you are trying to type! Oreo and Gunner do that to me all the time! I actually kind of like the head butting. Gunner loves to head butt! My cat ended up becoming and indoor only cat because I got so tried of trying to catch and release her many "presents".

She was a VERY good hunter in her prime. I remembered reading online that some people thought cats brought "presents" inside because they never see us go out and catch food the way they do. So, they assume we're not eating, and we need some help, so they do it for us! Thanks but no thanks my little kitty! That's kind of what I found out in my online research this morning. The gifts are to show appreciation and the live animals are to teach us how to catch them ourselves.

Silly us, what were we thinking? You know by now that my cat's a barfer. At least once a week. But that's his only flaw! He's 16 and lovable and cuddly, even though he recently went blind stupid high blood pressure. I recommend it! I haven't had an indoor cat in a really long time. These 4 would go nuts.