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I guess you do not write anymore because you are daily expecting the publication of your book that I am equally eager to see. As to me, I lead an unvarying life, engaged in the study of logic that I am through with thank goodness, and psychology that I am about to finish. I hope to have finished my studies of philosophy by April — it will not be much of a change!

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But it will probably make theology easier - my editor has been delayed for the publication of my anthology — he will send out leaflets next week — a page of these leaflets should be a portrait of Keats. And he will even pay for this reproduction if Walker should demand it, if such is the case would he be kind enough Walker to write me a note telling me how much it would cost. May I ask you to do this for me? I thank you very much if you can do it and I trust I will hear from you soon, about your book and your news.

As soon as I received Porphyrion I read one of his songs, which kept me under a spell of enchantment. It was Monday morning: and every passing day having had no time to resume my reading I think about you as I gaze admiringly at the sweet and harmonious softness of these spring mornings where the exquisite blue colour of the dawn lit sky at the hour when you foolishly doze under your bedclothes is imperceptibly veiled in a morning mist that Memling and Metsys would paint as backgrounds to their paintings.

And I would have liked you to be at my side all those mornings to show you these unparalleled skies, for you who love nature and life so dearly and have such a gift to describe and depict it in your verses. You are blessed, really you are my dear friend, to have such a marvelous gift for poetry, and to constantly perceive novel and radiant images of nature rendered in a natural succession of beauty and consecrated harmony.

You have become immortal and ranked amongst the greatest poets of your country, now that Porphyrion has been published.

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It is my present opinion at any rate. As it was the first time I read it — and I have no doubt of the great success that awaits you. It is all the more obvious to me now since you have so beautifully revised this first song. And do not think that my friendship amplifies all the good I think of your poem: I do think even better of it compared to the first readings, but as with the first readings I am far from thinking it perfect.

The IVth book, despite its dazzling title, Orophernes, and the brilliant final battle, is to my mind rather vague, wavering, and the entire beginning seems to unravel with no definite purpose but to lead to the final picturesque battle. For a genuine poet you are, and I insist upon it, for having spoken ill of the end of the poem, you must know how highly I think of it, on the whole and in detail.

The changes you have made in the first book have considerably enhanced its appeal, and the similes remain what they are, images, metaphors of classical beauty and that one feels, as I stated above, are destined to remain forever as such — that of the wine blending with water for example, and that of the dreaming warriors whose movements are likened to the slow unravelling of weeds in the rivers — those and a thousand others beside.

Porphyrion unmistakeably brings to mind Endymion and Hyperion — and that is what prompted me to say earlier that you can from now on be certain of your fame — because to my mind Porphyrion is by far superior to those two classical poems by Keats, and the pretty verses in Martha and the beautifully soothing verses of Augustine would suffice to rank you once and for all, as I said, among the greatest true poets of this century — I have not yet read the other pieces of the book volume, but as I have known you as such before recognition, I would not want to be of the last to hail you in your glory.

I am writing all this to you sincerely and merrily, because you are my friend, my dear friend Laurence Binyon and that I know that neither praise nor blame will change your behaviour towards me or towards others. It is what I have done with you in this letter through my praise of Porphyrion. I will now take it with me and show it off this very day to my friends Paul Tiberghien and Arnold Goffin.

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The newspaper articles will certainly be good — but if some were to be dull, crush them under your foot like a "Conquistador". I am a better judge than all those hack writers, and I have read enough English poetry to know what to think of the very beautiful and very dear Porphyrion! Regards to Pye. I will try to have the book purchased by the library. Do not stay too long in the West Flanders so you can start and turn your full attention to "the forest". British Museum and be confident that the letter will arrive as it should and that relationships can resume as they used to!

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I was very touched when I received your letter dear Laurence and as I read, and I certainly thought you would, that you had taken an interest in my whereabouts from afar and were sometimes worried as to my fate during those 4 years. There were indeed some moments of fear and anxiety, especially in what you call — the burning of Louvain.

I stayed in a seminary which was next to the Halls of the university — these burned down — and for most of the night we were faced with the unpleasant alternative of either being killed if we left the seminary — or burned alive if we remained there — as I believed it was the end I went to the chapel and I gave communion to the sisters who served in the seminary. I received communion myself and served at the mass of the director of the seminary and when I returned to the courtyard I saw to my immense and understandable relief that the wind was blowing in another direction so that the danger of spreading of the fire was over!

I also remember distinctly how beautiful that night of the fire was, we could see most of the town burning, we could hear the shots of cannon balls between Malines and Louvain — and shotguns inside town — and the garden of the seminary seemed, all the while, just like a haven of peace and happiness. And then came those 4 years, during which, despite what you have probably read in the newspapers, you can hardly imagine how heroic and brave our people were, whatever their social background, workmen, gentlemen, magistrates or civil servants fought boldly against the invaders.

There would be a beautiful book to put together if we gathered all the documents that describe the pluck and determination displayed by this resistance, we could easily do it without any fear of exaggeration because most of these documents, especially the letters of Cardinal Mercier and the protests of the magistrates, have been published and read with much interest — they have sustained our hopes and our courage during the occupation.

And now that all is over, there is much that I would, now that all is finished, have been sad not to have lived through. And I am sure it is your opinion as well.

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And now that you are reassured about my fate tell me if you were able to stay at the British Museum. Were you not mobilised? Why is your writing paper headed "the Athenaeum" are you working for this magazine? And Selwyn Image? And Horne? Do ease my mind on their account and tell me if you were able to work and on what during all this time? I guess that in France as in England some quite beautiful books have been published during those 4 years. If you have heard of some that might be of particular interest to me would you let me know about them?

My respects to Mrs Binyon and to your young ladies who are surely quite grown up now, and believe me, my dear Laurence, yours forever, devoted and grateful Dom Bruno D.

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Please send my regards to Image if he still lives, as I hope, in Fitzroy St. PS Have there been works at the Westminster Cathedral during the 4 years — I mean the completion of the inside? I suppose my sister in law will have told you that my MS on modern religious art burned in the fire of Louvain! I very much appreciate the sentiments you have expressed to me. Notes Notes 1.

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Ernest Renan — , French philosopher and historian. Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve — , French literary critic. Selwyn Image — , stained glass artist, designer essayist, and poet, a much admired friend of Binyon's who helped and encouraged him in his career. Charles Elkin Mathews — , British publisher and bookseller. Herbert Percy Horne — , English poet, essayist, architect, designer, art collector, and art historian. Italian for "there," "so," "well," or "then. The story of Barlaam and Josaphat is a Christianized later version of the story of Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Buddha.

La Chartreuse de Pavie, a monastery situated in Lombardy, northern Italy. Constantin Ionides — , British art patron and collector. Henry Virtue Tebbs, lawyer and patron of the arts. Certosa del Galluzzo. It left a strong impression on his mind. The Golden Treasury of Modern Lyrics was a later revised fifth edition with additional texts selected by Laurence Binyon.

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Walter Savage Landor — English writer and poet. A poem by Matthew Arnold A poem by Matthew Arnold; first part of Tristram and Iseult Seeley and Co. Fra Angelico — , Italian painter of the early Renaissance. William Pye, a very close friend of Binyon, whom he met in the Print Room in Song of the Indian Maid from "Endymion" Lewti, or The Circassian Love-Chaunt. Love's Secret. A poem by P. Shelley In Imaginary Conversations, vol.

Giovanni Boccaccio — in Life of Dante composed around wrote about a prophetic dream Dante's mother would have had when pregnant. By Walter Savage Landor. The cook landed awkwardly in a flower bed below and broke a limb. Clifton Fadiman, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell A Poison Tree. Richard Garnett — , a British scholar, librarian, biographer, and poet. Lionel Johnson — , poet, essayist and critic.